Crunchy Munchy

Saturday, December 3, 2011

hari ni tak tahu nak post apa , okayyy i cant wait to see my boyfiee RAJA ZULKARNAIN SHAH , i hope tht day i will smile , laugh and happy with YOU .YAHH it will end with sad because we just can meet sometimes and after i back to hostel next year :') i dont wht to do if i miss you . i hope nothing gonna break us , huihhhh ! okayy then next year my turn to face all that scariest day . ADD MATH? CHEMISTRY ? PYHSIC ? CIVIL ? ENGINEERING DRAWING ? SHUT UP ! this subject always in my mind ! how can i improve ths killer subject ESPECIALLY ADD MATH , i dont want to failed anymore :) enough for me failed . and ths is time for me to wake u from dream and workhard to get a best result . I WISH I CAN GET WHT I WANT IN MY LIFE

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