Crunchy Munchy

Monday, November 21, 2011
Doctor actor lawyer or a singer 
Why not president be a dreamer 
You can be just the one you wanna be 
Police man fire fighter or a post man 
Why not something like your old man 
You can be just the one you wanna be 

I know that we all got one thing 
That we all share together 
We got that one nice dream we live for 
You never know what life could bring 
'Cause nothing lasts forever 
Just hold on to the team you play for 

I know you could reach the top 
Make sure that you won't stop 
Be the one that you wanna be 

We may have different ways to think 
But it doesn't really matter 
We all caught up in the steam of this life 
Focus on every little thing 
That's what does really matter 
Luxury cars and bling that's not real life 

Last year I used to dream about this day 
Now I'm here I'm singing for you 
I hope I could inspire you 
'Cause I've got all the love 
'Cause I've got all love for you 

p/s:so be what u want to be :) hope u get it . I HOPE I CAN GET A RESULT THAT MAKES MY PARENTS PROUD OF ME.


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