Crunchy Munchy

im still cannot forget you
Monday, December 13, 2010
i miss u b , i cant forget you  in my mind :( , i miss you so much -__-" . i cant believe u are not with me now . why someone stole u ! i hate who take u from me :( , sorry b because i careless and i regret ! im stupid :'( , we've been together for 6 months , but i lost u in november ! i want u back , u always in my heart and cant replace . sumpah b ! i miss u right now , i cant forget u la . 2 weeks i cry because i lost u . hm , its my fate but i cant accept it ! sorry b . i miss u my lappy

p/s: hey bitch ! how dare u stole my lappy ! i cant forgive u forever and never :D

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